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Arrows of Time: From the Blackholes to the Nirvana Point

Have a drink of karma cola,
Hola, hola, hola, hola ....

- Arrows of Time, p. 98

Evolution of human thought has been unfolding over centuries in the form of religions, science and spirituality. In future we may see their convergence in new forms. Religions had deep impact on human thought during ancient times. Subsequently, science influenced human thinking. Now, spirituality with its emphasis on intuition and creativity is emerging as a new force. These three waves of influences affect the day to day affairs of human beings. Arrows of Time explores the varying influences of these waves of thinking in verse form along with an introduction to the concept of arrows of time viewed from different angles. Through spiritual arrow of time, it takes us towards spiritual confluencism through Universal Religion of Love (URL) leading us in the direction of New Holistic Religion (NHR).

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Views and Reviews:

After reading arrows of time
I began to hear a cosmic rhyme
Every nook and corner I heard a mysterious chime
It was surely not a whim

- Dr Dwarkanath Kabadi
in, Poet: An International Monthly, Chennai


Dr. Sharma's book, "Arrows of Time" deploys poetic imagery to spotlight the convergence of science, philosophy and folklore... The poetry brings mysticism down to layman parlance and imagery. But the impact is scaled to the emotion and intellectual effort put in by the motivated reader.

- Southern Economist


This book takes us on a journey through the blackholes to the existential reality of freedom, dignity and liberation.

- The New Indian Express


While reading the poems the reader is forced to stop, think and reflect and also through, the reader is forced to say, "Oh, it is so true, really".

- Abhigyan


Sharma's arrows open up a philosophical window for managers and teachers of management... Arrows of Time is an interesting read for practitioners of management.

- Business India


Managers and general readers would find this book fascinating and if you have science background, you may instantly reach the nirvana point.

- The Trainer's Digest, ISTD Bangalore


Dr. Subhash Sharma's present book is particularly interesting and important, appearing as it does amidst general crisis of the present day society.

- Decision

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Scientific Arrows of Time.....1


Blackholes and the Lightholes.....31




Social Arrows of Time.....31

  Freedom, Dignity and Liberation.....57

Religious Arrow of Time.....57

  Vishnu Came as Mohini.....67

Spiritual Arrow of Time.....69




4(1)   Miraculous.....73


4(2)   Adam and Eve.....74


4(3)   Circle of Consciousness.....75


4(4)   A Point of Light.....77


4(5)   Lady with a lamp.....78


4(6)   Space Time Dance.....79


4(7)   Temple of Five Godesses.....80


4(8)   Sparking Light.....81


4(9)   Mr. Might and Mr. Right.....82


4(10) War Against Evil.....83


4(11) Step by Step.....84


4(12) Oh Rio.....85


4(13) This world is Very Crazy.....87


4(14) Zero and One.....88


4(15) Kaun tvam: Who Are You.....89


4(16) Harmony and Harmony.....90


4(17) Law of Karma.....91


4(18) Prism of Ism.....92


4(19) You Are the Mantra.....93


4(20) Divine Driver.....94


4(21) I Will Come Again.....96


4(22) Hari Om Hari.....97


4(23) Hare Krishna Hare Rama.....98


4(24) You Are In Every Home.....99


4(25) Learn and Repeat Name of Rama.....100



Inspirational sources.....104

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