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Creativity Corner

Prof. Subhash Sharma widely known as 'creativity guru' because of his creative contributions in the field of management, social thinking and self-development, has been developing several new techniques of creativity. In his work there is a new integration of Management, Creativity and Spirituality (MCS) leading to creation of many new concepts that have become widely popular. He has conducted creativity workshops, seminars and interactive sessions for executives, teachers, students and others. Many have benefited from his 'creativity counseling', 'creative tutorials' and face-to-face interactions to unleash their creative potential. He has experimented with unique techniques for development of creativity among individuals, groups and teams. These techniques include the following:

1) Osmotic Meditation
2) Sabdh-Yoga
3) Mind Flying
4) Hello Approach
5) Etc (Extended transcendental consciousness) Etc approach

A broad outline of his creativity workshops is indicated below:


In the cyber age, creativity, self-improvement, self-empowerment, self-betterment and self-development have acquired a new significance. A decade ago, because of the bureaucratic structure of the organizations and their internal systems the opportunities for creative expressions were limited. With the impact of information technology on organizations and society now, a new model has emerged, which is based on 'inter-connectivity' with flexibility and free communication and goes far beyond the rational paradigm. It offers new opportunities for creativity, self-betterment and self-development. Creativity is believed to thrive in organizations which value creative contributions of its members. Organizations evolve faster based on the number and quality of creative people who work in them.

Every manager / individual to be effective has to be creative, proactive and flexible. He should constantly evolve by questioning the old assumptions with an open mind. Through unique methodologies and approaches, this workshop brings out the hidden creative potential of individuals and organizations by integrating self-development from within and influences and impact from outside.

Programme Contents:

  • Conceptual Framework: Think of Leaving a New Thought Behind

  • Models of Self-Improvement, Self-Empowerment, Self-Betterment and Self-Development

  • Unlocking Creativity

    • Radial Visioning
    • Intuitional Wandering
    • Mind De-conditioning
    • Seeing through the C-field (Consciousness field): Rishi / Re-See approach
    • Eureka Search and Direct Perception: Division, D-Vision and Direct Vision approaches
    • Cosmic Connectivity
    • Full Circle Development (Development from within and Openness to impact from outside)
    • Mining the Mind-field
    • Overcoming Cognitive Dominance
    • Conversations with Self
    • Creative Inversions

  • Work - Place Creativity

  • Converting Creative Ideas into Reality: Implementing Innovative Ideas

  • Action Plan for Self-Improvement, Self-Empowerment, Self-Betterment and Self-Development: Action, Reflection and Interaction

Indicative Session Schedule

  Session-I: Understanding Creativity:
    What is Creativity? Why it is Required? How to Unlock Creativity? Why I want to be Creative?
    How to Create a Paradigm Shift / How to Create a New Thought?
  Session-II: Understanding Self: Kaun-tvam?
    Western & Eastern Approaches
  Session-III: Techniques of Creativity:
    Osmotic meditation, Sabdh-yoga, Mind flying, Hello approach, Etc Etc approach, Anti-Benchmarking, etc.
  Session IV: Work-Place Creativity:
Work as creative play, Work place as creative place, Finding creative solutions through full spectrum approach, Linkages between Management, Creativity and Spirituality (MCS) and its implications for creating better workplaces.
  Session-V: Action plan for creative solutions


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