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Creation from Shunya











Key Note

Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions. - Rig Veda

Let noble thoughts go from us in all directions. - Quantum Rope

Creation from Shunya (1993) was the beginning and unfolding of author's work to achieve a creative synthesis of Western and Eastern management concepts, social issues and spiritual concerns. From this unfolding emerged three themes viz. 'Western Windows Eastern Doors' (WWED: 1996) as foundation of Holistic Development & Management (HDM), 'Quantum Rope' (QR: 1999) to unfold convergence of Science, Spirituality and Transcendence (SST) and 'Arrows of Time' (AOT: 2001) to achieve convergence of religions in the form of Universal Religion of Love (URL) leading us towards a New Holistic Religion (NHR). The unfolding of these themes is presented below through an integrative diagram.


Concepts of Holistic Development & Management (HDM), Convergence of Science, Spirituality & Transcendence (SST) and Universal Religion of Love (URL) provide us the keynotes for sacro-civic vision of society and nations as well as a vision for a New Holistic Religion (NHR). The following three books provide detailed discussion on these themes and ideas.

Western Windows Eastern Doors
Quantum Rope
Arrows of Time
Management in New Age: Western Windows Eastern Doors (1996), New Age International Publishers, New Delhi. Second revised and extended edition (2006).
Quantum Rope: Science, Mysticism & Management (1999), New Age International Publishers New Delhi.
Arrows of Time: From The Blackholes To The Nirvana Point (2001), New Age International Publishers, New Delhi.
These books can be ordered from www.newagepublishers.com


Following diagram captures the essence of the approach followed in development of various concepts.


Symbolic meaning of the diagram is as follows:

This symbol represents the convergence and confluence approach.
This symbol represents balancing approach. Y in the circle also represents 'Y' of 'Yoga' thereby symbolizing a harmony and balancing approach to life. For example, balancing between (i) creation of wealth through work-yoga to meet needs (ii) making social contribution, and (iii) cultivating creative & spiritual mindset
This symbol represents integration and synthesis. Triangle is a symbol of integration as well as a symbol of middle path. Accordingly the symbol represents integration and forward movement.


The base of the above diagram is supported by circles that represent circles of matter, mind and consciousness as foundation for confluence, balancing and synthesis.

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