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List of Articles

For elaboration of author’s ideas available in his books, Management in New Age: Western Windows Eastern Doors, Quantum Rope, Arrows of Time and Creation from Shunya, interested persons including management researchers, management thinkers and practitioners may refer to the following published articles in journals, periodicals and as book chapters etc. For unpublished conference papers readers may refer to the conference proceedings.

Subhash Sharma, Managerial Discretion and Organizational Slack: A Commentary, Vikalpa. April-June 1991.


Subhash Sharma, New Age Management, AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) News, August 1991.


Subhash Sharma, Institutional Building & Institutional Regeneration: Frameworks for Action, Indian Journal of Training & Development, April-March 1992.


Subhash Sharma, Decision Styles: Conceptual Models and An Empirical Study of IAS Officers, Indian Journal of Public Administration, April-June 1992.


Subhash Sharma, 'Management Mantras', AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) News, June 1992.


Subhash Sharma & Arvind Singhal, Modern Management Theories: Promise or Peril, Indian Journal of Public Administration, January-March, 1993.


Subhash Sharma, Inspirational Motivation: A New Framework of Motivation, in Ancient Indian Wisdom for Motivation, Ahmedabad Management Association, 1993.


Subhash Sharma, Management Ideas in Arthasastra, Indian Journal of Public Administration, April-June1994.


Subhash Sharma, Western Windows Eastern Doors: Frameworks for Self-Development, in Ancient Indian Wisdom for Self-Development, Ahmedabad Management Association, 1995.


Subhash Sharma, Towards Enlightened Leadership: Framework for Leadership and Management, in Evolving Performing Organizations through People: A Global Agenda, (ed.), K B Akhilesh, et.al, New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 1995.


Subhash Sharma, OSHA Model for Relationship Management, Abhigyan, Spring, 1995.


Subhash Sharma, Total Quality Of Management (TQOM): An Endological Basis for Human Values in Corporate Management, Abhigyan, Summer, 1996.


Subhash Sharma, Forward Engineering of Public Institutions in Market Economy, Indian Journal of Public Administration, October-December 1996.


Subhash Sharma, CINE Matrix: A Framework for Strategic Scanning, Planters’ Chronicle, March 1997.


Subhash Sharma, Towards an Omnijective Theory for New Organization Development, Chinmaya Management Review, December 1997.


Subhash Sharma. 'From Self-Actualization to SELF-Realization: Beyond the Selfish-Gene Syndrome'. Abhigyan, 1997.


Subhash Sharma, Enlightened Leadership in Indian Ethos: The Way of the Theory K, Management & Change, January-June 1998.


Subhash Sharma, Social Discourse in a Globalized Era: Towards the Concept of Development Matrix, Indian Journal of Public Administration, July-September 1998.


Subhash Sharma, From Factors of Production to Factors of Creation: ’Best’ Model as a Strategic Management framework, Abhigyan, October-December 1998.


Subhash Sharma, New Age Management for Competitive Advantage: The Metaphors of India Blend, Indica and Indian Management, Management & Change, January-June 1999.


Subhash Sharma, Corporate Gita: Lessons for management, Administration and Leadership, Journal of Human Values, July-December 1999.


Subhash Sharma, Sharpening and Strengthening Knowledge Competence of Corporates: Knowledge Management in Enterprise Context, Decision, January-December 1999.


Subhash Sharma, India as a Matrix Society: Complexities of Managing in a New Age, in Human Resource Development: A Values based Approach, (ed.) B.R.Madan et.al, Pointer Publishers, Jaipur, 1999.


Subhash Sharma, Training and Education for Transformation: Experience of the Reach- out Model, in Training for Transformation: Strategies for the New Millennium, (ed.) Y.K.Bhushan et.al, Himanshu Publishers, New Delhi, January 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Wisdom Matrix in Corporate Management: Generating the LIFO Response, The Social Engineer, January 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Building and Creative Motive: Towards A Typology of Academic Contributions in 'Advantage South Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Management Development', Proceedings of "AMDISA South Asian Management Forum', (ed.) Dharni P Sinha, et.al, AMDISA, Hyderabad, March, 2000.


Subhash Sharma, New Age Management for Corporate Development, Management Perception, January-June 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Total Resources Management (TRM): A Holistic Approach to Strategic Gearing. Sankalpa, January-June 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Knowledge Management in Enterprises: Knowledge Generation Windows and the TASK Model, Proceedings of Management Paradigms in the E-Millenium, AIMS Twelfth Convention, at Bangalore, August 27-29, 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Total Knowledge Management (TKM): Enhancing Competitiveness Through Knowledge Management Systems, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, August-September 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Development Matrix for Good Governance, Southern Economist, September 2000.


Subhash Sharma, Enterprise Performance Improvement Systems (EPIS): Value Chain Matrix and Forward Engineering Tools for Performance Improvement, Sankalpa, July-December 2000.


Sharma, Subhash, New Horizons in Management Thinking: Towards Net Age Management Ideas, Management Perception, July-December 2000, pp.28-32.


Subhash Sharma, Forward Engineering for Strategic Gearing: A Conceptual Framework, Indian Journal of Public Administration, October-December 2000.


Subhash Sharma, HRD Matrix for Nation's Competitive Advantage, Keynote Paper presented at the National Symposium on Agenda for HRD Professionals in New Millennium", organized by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management, Faculty of Management Studies, Ujjain, February 2001.


Subhash Sharma, From Mind Colonization to Mind Liberation and Beyond: Unleashing Creativity and Creative Potential, Southern Economist, May 1, 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Routes to Reality: Scientific and Rishi Approaches, Journal of Human Values, January-June 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Technological Explosions and Knowledge Management: Towards A New Competitive Advantage of Nations, Udyog Pragati, July-September 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Managerial Approach to Sectoral Analysis: Managing in a Global Mandi, Sankalpa, July-December 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Indian Ethics and the Spirit of Development: The VEDA Model of Leadership and Management, Management Perception, July-December 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Corporates As State and the Development Discourse, in 'Vision Karnataka 2025: Strategies and Action Plans for Sustainable Development', (eds.) D.Jeevan Kumar & Susheela Subrahmanya, Southern Economist, Bangalore, December 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Development STEPS, in 'Vision Karnataka 2025: Strategies and Action Plans for Sustainable Development', (eds.) D.Jeevan Kumar & Susheela Subrahmanya, Southern Economist, Bangalore, December 2001.


Subhash Sharma, Towards A Confluence of Civilizations: A Lesson from Indian Ethos and Indianity, Southern Economist, January 1, 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Radical Change Management (RCM): From Managing Pyramids To Managing in Chaos, Paradigm, January-June 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Towards A New Development Vision, Southern Economist, May 1, 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Knowledge Generation Windows, Grounded Praxis and the TASK Learning Model: Knowledge Management and Learning Models in Knowledge Organizations, Abhigyan, April-June 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Character Competence of the Corporation, Journal of Human Values, July-December 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Management Subhashitani: Indian Wisdom & Management Ideas, in 'Indian Management for Nation Building: New Ideas for the New Millennium', (eds.) Siddharth Shastri, WISDOM, Banasthali, 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Human Resource Development in a New Era: Contours of New Age HRD, in 'Blending the Best of the East and the West in Management Education', (eds.) Subir Chowdhury & Sangeeta Bhattacharjee, Excel Books, New Delhi, 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Corporate Rishi Leadership Model: An Indian Model for Corporate Development & Ethical Leadership, in 'Human Resource Development in Asia: Trends & Challenges', (eds.) Udai Pareek, Aahad M.Osman-Gani, S.Ramanarayan & T.V.Rao, Oxford & IBH, New Delhi, 2002.


Subhash Sharma, Markets, State and Society in the New Age: Towards Holistic Development and Management, Southern Economist, January 1, 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Towards A Holistic Vision of Development, Southern Economist, February 15, 2003.


Subhash Sharma, 3T Model of Management and Leadership: Towards Holistic Management Approach, Management Perception, January-June 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Towards Corporate VEDA: Indian Ethos and Corporate Development, Journal of Human Values, July-December 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Towards Increasing Per Capita Happiness: Beyond the Western Models of Self-Development, in Conference Proceedings of the 14 th Shankara Darshana Management Conference on 'Shaastraas for Shaanti (Scriptures for Peace)', organized by Sri Sringeri Sharada Institute of Management, New Delhi in collaboration with Meenakshi College for Women, held at Chennai, December 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Human Quality Development (HQD) Models: Implications for Leadership and Corporate Management, in 'Developing Leaders, Teams and Organizations', (ed.) Anup K Singh & Daisy Chauhan, Excel Books, New Delhi, 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Western Enlightenment and Eastern Awakening: Towards a Holistic Character, International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, 2003.


Subhash Sharma, Organization Development & Management (ODM): Five Forms of Capital as Holistic Development Framework, in 'Strategic Human Resources Management', (eds.) S.K.Prasad, Siraj Ur Rahman & G.Pandu Naik, Institute of HRD, Bangalore, 2003.


Subhash Sharma, New Corporate Model in the Era of Holistic Vision: Towards the Concepts of Total Values Chain and the Value Chain Matrix, Chinmaya Management Review, January 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Intellectual Property Rights and Social Discourse: Frameworks of Analysis to Protect Traditional Knowledge and Folklore Wisdom, Southern Economist, May 1, 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Corporate Shubhlabh: A Framework for Corporate Governance, Indian Journal of Training & Development, April-June 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Ethicotarian Philosophy and Ethicotarian Vision as a Basis for Holistic Development: Towards the Concept of Corporate Social Dharma, in 'Catalyzing Public & Private Partnerships for Social & Environmental Change', (ed.) J.S.Ahluwallia, World Environment Foundation, New Delhi, June 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Beyond the Box and Boundaries: Creativity, Creative Thinking & New Knowledge Creation, Management Perception, January-June 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Indian Society 2004: Matrix and the Circle, Southern Economist, August 15, 2004.


Subhash Sharma, The Rishi Route to Reality: Its Application to Managerial Necessities, Co-authored with Isha Gamlath, in Conference Proceedings 'World Congress on Vedic Sciences', organized by Vijnana Bharati, Bangalore jointly with M.S.Rashtriya Veda Vidya Pratishthan, Ujjain, SLBS Rashtriya Vidyapeetha (Deemed University), New Delhi and Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, held at Bangalore, August 9-13, 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Unfolding of a Holistic Vision of the World: Towards New Directions for Development of Management Thought, Global Business Review, July-December 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Towards Consumers' Enlightened Leadership: An Analytical Framework for Consumer Activism, Synergy, Journal of Management, January 2003 – December 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Vedanta As Ved-Ananta: A New Unfolding of Universal Spiritual Consciousness (USC), in Conference Proceedings of the 15 th Shankara Darshana Management Conference "Management Lessons from Aadi Shankara, organized by Sri Sringeri Institute of Management, December 2004 at Kalady, Kerala.


Subhash Sharma, Paradigms of Development: Implications for Management Thought and Social Discourse, in Conference Proceedings Managing in a Global Economy: Emerging Challenges to Management Profession, organized by Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International, held at IIM Calcutta, December 2004.


Subhash Sharma, Development of Sacro-Civic Society Through Harmonization Paradigm, in Women in Nation Building: Perspectives, Issues and Implications, (eds.) Susheela Subrahmanya, Meera Chakraborty & N.S.Viswanath, Southern Economist, Bangalore, 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Towards Holistic Development & Management (HDM), in Governance for Sustainable Development, (eds.) J.S.Ahluwalia & Uma Mehra, World Environment Foundation, London, 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Space Time Consciousness: Towards a Speculative Convergence of Science & Spirituality Through Unfolding of Universal Spiritual Consciousness (USC) in 'Landscape of Matter: Conference Proceedings on the Concept of Matter', (eds.) Sharath Ananthamurthy, Meera Chakravorty, M.C.Radhakrishna, Prasaranga, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2005. pp.207-216. Also published in Chinmaya Management Review, Vol.6, No.2, August 2004, pp.13-18.


Subhash Sharma, Quantum States of Mind: Ordinary Perception to Extra-Ordinary Perception, Psychological Studies, January 2005.


Subhash Sharma, A Vedic Integration of Transitions in Management Thought: Towards Transcendental Management, Gurukul Business Review, Spring 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Leadership Models for the New Global Age: Towards Corporate Rishi and Corporate Sage, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, January-March 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Human Quality Development (HQD) for Corporate Management, Vilakshan, March 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Management Thought, Social Discourse and Management Education: Towards Developing Holistic Professionals, Indian Journal of Training & Development, April-June 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Three Roads to Development: A Framework for Society's Growth, Development & Progress (GDP), Southern Economist, July 15, 2005.


Subhash Sharma, A Brief History of History: Some Models of History and Lessons for Leadership and Management, Journal of Human Values, July-December 2005.


Subhash Sharma, Transforming Mind for True Leadership: Leading Through the Intrinsic, in Conference Proceedings Global Leadership Conference, organized by Strategic Management Technology Consultants (SMT), held at IIM Calcutta, September 2005.


Subhash Sharma, A Model for Corporate Development – A Holistic Approach, Vilakshan, XIMB Journal of Management, September 2005.


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